Law Firms

The “Best Lawyer in America”

While advertising can be filled with hype, lawyers are supposed to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct, which limit the content of their advertisements to statements that are quantifiable. In other words, an attorney can ethically say that he has had 14 verdicts of one million dollars, or that she limits her practice to […]

Looks (First Impressions) Matter

In law school, legal writing professors teach us how to write like lawyers. But sometimes, in their desire to teach us how to think like lawyers, they forget that clear and persuasive writing is an essential piece of practicing law. Plus, because they (and we) are so focused on substance, we forget that the form […]

Wolf Block – RIP

When I was in law school, Wolf Block (whose name was longer then) was the law firm to join if you wanted to be in a big firm. My parents even mentioned that to me a few times, although big firm life was not my style. And the firm’s history is well-chronicled. That’s why it’s […]

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