New Jersey Case Law

Another Appellate Victory – Case Was Dismissed, Now the Plaintiff Gets His Date in Court

Our client had been represented by another attorney in this New Jersey premises liability/slip and fall case. Not surprisingly, the defendant filed a Motion to Dismiss alleging that our client had not presented sufficient evidence to let a jury decide his case. The trial court judge agreed and dismissed the case. Fortunately, the client then hired us […]

Lawyers & Social Media – Adding Flames to Fires

Ah, social media. Facebook, Yelp, you name it, social media is out there, and lawyers are using – and misusing it. Here are some recent examples that highlight the issues confronting us – and why it is best to recognize the problems up front – so you don’t have to hire me to represent you […]

Read the Latest Pennsylvania Appellate Decisions

Our periodic newsletter, “A Summary of Recent Appellate Decisions from Pennsylvania and Other Jurisdictions,” is now available, featuring summaries of important decisions from the Pennsylvania Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme and other federal courts. The newsletter focuses on decisions relating to civil procedure, causes of action, automobile law and […]

New Jersey Supreme Court Addresses Issues of Email Privacy at Work

On March 30, 2010, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued a landmark – and eminently reasonable – decision in Stengart v. Loving Care Agency, Inc., 2010 N.J. Lexis 241 (N.J. 2010), holding that an employee’s e-mail communications with his or her lawyer were confidential – when the e-mail was stored on a private web-based e-mail […]

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