Pennsylvania Statutory Law

Pa. Supreme Court Limits the Cost of Obtaining Medical Records – A Victory for the Consumer

On June 16th, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court favored litigants with limited funds over companies trying to make a profit reproducing records, ruling that medical providers and companies that provide medical records to the public may only charge the actual and reasonable expenses of reproducing the records, provided those expenses do not exceed the statutory cap […]

Superior Court Affirms That Commercial Vehicles Must Be Provided UM & UIM Benefits

The Superior Court has shed light on an issue that, while seemingly clear, remained in question — whether Pennsylvania motor vehicle insurance carriers providing coverage for commercial fleets of vehicles were required to offer uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and, if so, whether policyholders were required to accept or reject the coverage — and stacking […]

Voter ID Decision – A Public Opinion Not Available to the Public?

Today, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson issued his long-awaited decision concerning Pennsylvania’s controversial legislation requiring voters to show identification before being able to vote. Specifically, Judge Simpson preliminarily enjoined the Commonwealth (and election officials) from requiring voters to show ID prior to being permitted to vote. The decision, in Applewhite v. Commonwealth, is extremely important […]

Read the Latest Pennsylvania Appellate Decisions

Our periodic newsletter, “A Summary of Recent Appellate Decisions from Pennsylvania and Other Jurisdictions,” is now available, featuring summaries of important decisions from the Pennsylvania Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme and other federal courts. The newsletter focuses on decisions relating to civil procedure, causes of action, automobile law and […]

Pa. Supreme Issues Mixed Decision on Workers’ Compensation Offsets

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has affirmed in Commonwealth v. WCAB (Harvey), No. 14 EAP 2009 (April 29, 2010), that the use of actuarial data to calculate pension offsets for injured employees who also receive pension benefits from a defined benefit plan is permissible. Affirming the Commonwealth Court, Justice Saylor held that “actuarial assumptions and calculations […]

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